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Our vision: Lower Hutt – NZ’s healthiest people


How do we create healthy change where we work?


As adults we spend around half our waking hours at work, so it’s no wonder that the workplace is a place with huge potential to influence our health and wellbeing. More and more workplaces are realising that health and wellness is an investment - not a cost.

 The benefits of a healthy workforce include:

  • less sick leave
  • reduced stress levels
  • better staff morale
  • more alert workers and less accidents
  • increased productivity
  • improved job satisfaction
  • a happier, more resilient workforce

Workplaces that have a reputation for fostering a healthy culture become employers of choice and can gain a real advantage over their competitors.

Here are some tools and resources to get ideas on what changes you could make to be well at work:

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Wellplace is the Health Promotion Agency website which features New Zealand workplace examples and practical ideas, tools and resources to support you.

 Workwell logo

 WorkWell is a free, workplace wellbeing initiative which supports workplaces to ‘work better through wellbeing’. 

Developed by Toi Te Ora Public Health Service, WorkWell can be adapted to any workplace. With step by step support and mentoring from an assigned WorkWell advisor, easy to use resources, workshops, networking opportunities and recognition through accreditation. In the Wellington region, Regional Public Health advisors have been trained and are supported by Toi Te Ora to support your organisation on the WorkWell journey.

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Good4Work is a free and easy-to-use web based workplace wellbeing tool that helps  identify things you can do to integrate wellbeing into the way you lead, your work practices, relationships and environments. 

It has been designed for small to medium-sized organisations, and those that are just getting started with workplace wellbeing.

It starts with a quiz to identify what you are already doing and what more you could do to improve wellbeing. 

 Workplace policy builder2

 A good health and wellbeing policy helps build the foundation of a productive working relationship.

Use’s Workplace Policy Builder to create a health and wellbeing policy that suits you, your business and staff, and complies with current law. 

FWW 288x180 cover 

Developed by the Mental Health Foundation, the Five Ways to Wellbeing at Work Toolkit is a stepped guide to improving mental wellness in your workplace. It includes fact sheets tools, templates and games to use with your teams.

 There are other useful resources on the Mental Health Foundation Workplace Wellbeing page.

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All Right? supports people to become more aware of their mental heath and wellbeing, and to take small and regular steps to improve it. All Right? is a Healthy Christchurch initiative led by the Canterbury District Health Board and the Mental Health Foundation. The campaign was launched in February 2013 to support Cantabrians as the region recovers from the earthquakes. The website has articles, case studies, tips, tools and resources, including a section about mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Business working to end family violence crop

The Human Rights Commission and seven large NZ employers have created a website to help workplaces address family violence. It supports organisations to develop and implement a family violence policy. The website also includes information on how to start, how to get support, what to include, and what to consider during implementation, as well as research, resources, examples and a toolkit.

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Get the Tools was developed by the Cancer Society for kiwi blokes. It is a website where you can access the latest A-Z of NZ men's health information & tools.

 TTTbubble Im in 1

Turning the Tide is a social change movement to make the Hutt a healthier place to be. Positive change is contagious. When one workplace stands up and takes action, it inspires others to follow.

Go to Turning the Tide and choose what action you want to take at your workplace. There are lots of ideas of actions you can take and success stories to inspire you on the website. Once you've chosen, select I'm in and join the movement. You can even see a map of other organisations that are choosing to take action too.  Turning the Tide will be successful if we all use our networks and social media to share that "We're in" to take action to make the Hutt a healthier place to live, learn, work and play.

Imagine if all workers in the Hutt are supported with healthy active workplaces, where wellness is part of the organisations culture.