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Our vision: Lower Hutt – NZ’s healthiest people


How does where we live affect our health?

Lots of factors have an impact on our health, not just the personal choices that we make, but also the environments that we spend our time in. Good health comes from access to healthy foods, opportunities for physical activity, moderating alcohol consumption and being smokefree – but it also comes from urban planning and design; from transport planning; and from the many other systems and settings that affect our every day lives.

Think about all the things you do in the course of a day. Are there shops nearby where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables?  Is it easy and safe to walk or cycle to school or work? Is there public transport – is it convenient and affordable? Are there safe parks and playgrounds where you feel good about taking your children?  All these factors affect the choices you make and those choices can have a big effect on your health.

Healthy Families Lower Hutt is engaging with the whole community and influencing local, regional and central government to create changes to the many environments that affect our health, so it’s easier for us all to stay well.