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Our vision: Lower Hutt – NZ’s healthiest people

Total Touch taking action for Hutt tamariki

28 March 2017

Total Touch reaches approximately 2500 young people every term one and four each year through their Hutt based Touch Rugby modules. Bronwyn Jahnke has run Total Touch in the Hutt since 2014 and is taking action to make Total Touch modules a healthier place for young people to get active.

The Touch modules are run at Fraser and Hutt parks and access to drinking water can be a challenge. Healthy Families Lower Hutt has helped out by providing a portable “Hydration Station” as part of the “Go the H2O” initiative. Go the H2O is a movement to make Lower Hutt a water promoting place to live, learn, work and play – so that water is the best and easiest choice of drink.

For Total Touch, to become pro water meant doing things differently. First they made sure there was easy access to quality drinking water with the help of the Hydration Station. “The Hydration Station is a smart option to make water cool again! It makes it easy to get clean, fresh and free water. The way it looks as well as the way it works really engages the tamariki, they can’t wait for their turn to fill up their drink bottles” says Bronwyn Jahnke from Total Touch.

“Total Touch educated our referees to back up the pro water message. Refs now know they can’t drink their fizzy or sports drinks in front of our tamariki.”

As well as being pro water, Total Touch has made changes in their player of the day vouchers and prize giving goodie bags. Gone are the take away vouchers, big bars of chocolate and fizzy drinks. These have been replaced by a free entry to Hutt City Council pools for player of the day and healthier treat options like popcorn and little freddo chocolates in prize giving bags. “We know big change, starts small and this was a change we wanted to make. With support from Healthy Families Lower Hutt and Hutt City Council we now give our junior players a fun experience at a local pool, and the opportunity to be active again with their families. The feedback from parents has been overwhelmingly positive!” says Jahnke.

“We’re going to continue making Total Touch a healthier way to experience sport. Our next focus is making sure there are healthier food and drink options available at Hutt and Fraser parks.”

Tobin Dannefaerd enjoys his popcorn treat at prizegiving