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Our vision: Lower Hutt – NZ’s healthiest people

Fresh ideas for growing food in the Hutt Valley

18 January 2017

hutt real food challenge

More fresh and affordable food grown in the Hutt Valley is one of the ambitious goals of a special all-day event in February.

The Hutt Real Food Challenge will run on 25 February with a launch night on 24 February. Its aim is to be a catalyst for business and community ideas that can enhance the local food system in the Hutt Valley. The event will be followed by a project and business development series for professional development.

The challenge is run by Healthy Families Lower Hutt, Hutt City Council and social enterprise incubator Enspiral.

Organiser Erin Adams of Healthy Families Lower Hutt said "For residents in some Lower Hutt neighbourhoods access to fresh and healthy food is limited. Instead, their easiest choice is fast food or convenience food which is often high in sugar, salt and fat and lacking nutrients.

"We want to increase the amount of fresh food produced in the Hutt Valley to make healthy choices easier for everyone and help us become less reliant on outside sources."

"This challenge is a fun way to do this and we hope community-minded locals with a passion for good food will get behind it."

Small scale, local and sustainable food production and distribution can create shifts in the environment, shifts in attitudes towards food and a more sustainable, equitable, resilient and health local food system.

The Hutt Real Food Challenge is designed to find and develop innovative and creative business and social solutions. The all-day event produces a platform to explore and pitch ideas to 'fix the system', find team members, test the viability of ideas and for participants to be supported to take action.

The winning teams will be invited to participate in a follow-up support series to turn their ideas into reality.

The event will interest youth workers and youth, tertiary students, stay-at-home parents, social entrepreneurs, retirees, and anyone interested in healthy, local kai.

People can sign up to attend the Hutt Real Food Challenge at