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Fresh air dining for Lower Hutt

1 July 2016

Smokefree pavement dining

Lower Hutt Mayor Ray Wallace and Lorraine Girvan caught up at Lorraine’s favourite Lower Hutt café to discuss the new smokefree policy for the city.

Lorraine works at Selig Real Estate down the street and is pleased to hear Fellow Café will be supporting the smokefree policy, which becomes effective as of 1 July. Having lost two close friends to smoking related illness Lorraine is supportive of anything that helps to reduce smoking-related harm in the community.

Fellow Café, which was also celebrating nine months of business on Queen Street, Lower Hutt is in full support of the smokefree policy. Owner Laurissa Joyce says cigarette butt litter and smoke coming through the doors does not enhance the café’s environment. She says she can see that people smoking deters others customers from sitting at the outdoor tables and chairs, and she intends to politely request people not smoke at the café’s outdoor tables.

Outdoor pavement dining is one of several new smokefree areas under Council’s recently extended smokefree policy. Also included are parks and sports grounds, train stations, bus shelters, beaches, Council run and sponsored events, and outdoor areas around Council buildings and facilities.

Council’s smokefree policy will be implemented over the next few years using signage, promotion and community engagement, especially with those most affected.

This isn’t a flash in the pan policy, says Mayor Wallace. It’s a long-term approach that’s looking to create lasting positive change for our city and people.

“We all know that kids copy what they see, and this policy aims to help our children stop before they start smoking – as well as reducing the harmful affects of second-hand smoke,” says Mayor Wallace.