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Our vision: Lower Hutt – NZ’s healthiest people

Creating a culture of movement

We all know that sitting for long periods is common in many workplaces. Prolonged sitting is recognised as an important health issue that needs action. Recent survey results released by Southern Cross showed that average days of absence for non-manual workers have continued to increase while the opposite has been the case for employees that do manual work.

Is sitting the new smoking?

Employees being active during the work day can increase wellbeing and productivity. Building a culture of movement at work can take the individual benefits and maximise them across whole workplaces and even industries making it the new norm.

Creating a culture of movement at work was the topic for discussion when the Hutt Valley Workplace Wellbeing Special Interest Group met recently. More and more workplaces are recognising that having a culture of wellness is a vital element of success.

Learning from the experts, over twenty people attended the workshop run by a private provider Fitness Move. The workshop focused on how to make movement part of everyone’s working day.

Participants were asked to consider, calculate and record how long they and their workers sit in a day. They were then armed with practical exercises that can be done at the desk or in working spaces. Exercises covered stretching and strengthening as well as recommending a brisk walk every day.

Imagine if all workers in the Hutt were supported with healthy active workplaces, where wellness is part of the organisation's culture.