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Our vision: Lower Hutt – NZ’s healthiest people

Healthy Families Lower Hutt

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About us

The role of Healthy Families Lower Hutt is to work with local leaders, groups and organisations across many different sectors, supporting them in their ideas and initiatives to create healthier environments where we live, learn, work and play. 

We’re here to celebrate their good work and inspire others with their success stories.  We want to empower people to try new things, put their ideas to work and come together to work collectively towards long-term, sustainable change.

Our aim is to make good health easier and more accessible by promoting healthy food options, smokefree areas, physical activity and alcohol in moderation in places like sports clubs, schools, food outlets, workplaces, parks, marae and other places where we spend our time.

Hutt City Council is the lead provider of Healthy Families Lower Hutt and employs the dedicated prevention workforce that supports healthy change.

The sort of things we’re working on include:

  • working alongside communities to identify issues and solutions for sustainable change
  • creating healthy tuckshops, menus, vending machines and catering, in children’s settings, workplaces and other key community settings
  • encouraging food growers, producers and sellers to increase access to fresh, healthy and affordable food
  • influencing sports clubs to promote drinking in moderation
  • showing leadership in smokefree environments around workplaces and other public places such as parks and playgrounds
  • working with schools to promote participation in physical activity and a reduction of sedentary behaviour
  • identifying ways to make active transport such as walking and cycling more accessible
  • supporting communities to have a voice around Council plans and policies
  • mapping food, alcohol, physical activity and tobacco environments, looking at opportunities to make positive change
  • advocating and advising decision makers for change, across government departments